Hate is

A hate crime is a crime that is motivated by bias or hatred against you because of who you are. Hate crime can occur in public or in private, in person or online. Hate crime can be reported. If you or someone you know has been a target of hate, this website is to help you find information about support and reporting.

When is hate a crime?

There are many different types of hate:

Hate can happen in different ways:

  • an insult by a stranger in a carpark
  • bullying by a ‘friend’ online
  • graffiti at your local shops

If you’ve experienced hate, knowing what to do or who to talk to can be confusing. This website is to help you understand:

We wish this website wasn’t necessary but, unfortunately, bias, hatred and discrimination are still common experiences for some communities in Australia today.

hate crime - be informed factsheet


Find information about what hate crime is. Knowledge is power. You can give a name to your experience. It might be a hate crime, hate incident, vilification, racial hatred or discrimination. You can learn about the law and your rights.
hate crime - get support factsheet


Experiencing hate can hurt – it may leave you feeling disrespected, rejected or unsafe. Experiencing a hate incident or crime can bring up former trauma, even something small can be significant. There are services available to support you, process what happened, find ways to look after yourself and understand your options.

hate crime - take action factsheet


Hate is never ok. Experiencing hate can harm your wellbeing, sense of safety, relationships, ability to work, financial situation or reputation. Sometimes people ignore hate because they don’t know what to do or don’t think that it is serious enough to act. You don’t have to accept hate. Explore our resources on how you can take action.

About this project

The University of Sydney in collaboration with the Australian Hate Crime Network has created this website and its resources to help raise awareness about the problems of hate crime and hate incidents in NSW. We hope that the website will provide a ‘one stop shop’ for information about when hate is a crime, where to find support and how to take action. Our vision is to build awareness, promote support and guide action and advocacy.

Find out more about who we are.

Are you a community organisation?

An introduction to understanding hate crime and your rights.

Are you a target of hate crime?

An introduction to finding support if you have experienced hate crime.

Are you an advocate or bystander?

An introduction to information on how to take action and support those around you.

How can we help you?

Our resources, information and support advice have been created to help you, whether you have experienced or been a target of hate crime, are a community leader, advocate or simply want more information. We have also developed a selection of resources to support you.